Welcome to the Maxtronic MaxTune Setup Utility!

Program installation is initiated by executing maxdemo.exe.

Navigate the Installation utility by selecting the Next button, this will bring you to the License menu, please read it carefully prior to accepting the agreement. This agreement does not imply support of any kind for an unregistered version of MaxBin.

Now you will be prompted for an installation location for the MaxBin software. The default location for your environment will be shown, but you may choose a different location.

Now you will
Start the installation, and see the progress of the install

Now the installation has completed successfully, by default MaxBin will start when you exit setup, you may choose not to launch it now by unchecking the box.

You may also view this help file upon installation.

You must Register MaxTune at this point prior to running the program the first time. Upon registration you will receive a new product registration key to unlock MaxTune.