Available/Loaded BIN Files window

The Available BIN Files and Loaded BIN Files windows display BIN files loaded into the \bins and \bins\slots directories respectively of the program installation directory. We encourage you to take this opportunity to add detailed BIN Descriptions ,

Available BIN Files are the actual chip images in original form. They populate this window by means of an Import BIN File from the Loaded BIN Files window using the Import BIN button or Unload BIN operation by use of the Unload BIN button or double-clicking the file you wish to unload .

Loaded BIN Files are the product of Load BIN operation operation from the Available BIN Files window by using the Load BIN button or double-clicking the filename you wish to load. After a Build Image operation has been performed this window shows corresponding memory slot location of the images indicated in the file extension of 00? numeric nomenclature corresponding to switch position, and are ready to Write to Maxtronic . These numbers indicate 8 memory positions numbered 000-007. Again, the .000 position is always the no-start map and cannot be changed. These files may also have been Extracted from a freshly Read Maxtronic image which will fill the window in a true representation of the contents of the Maxtronic.

BIN Descriptions