Changing BIN slot/switch position

This is a set of procedures that will allow you to manage which chip images are located in the eight different memory slots available to you in the
Loaded BIN Files window numbered .000-.007 .

These files indicate their corresponding position in memory with the .00? number at the end, (i.e., 000, 001, 002,...) with 000 being the first and 007 being the last. You can Unload , or Load a BIN image from the Available BIN Files window.

When Unload a BIN file , its position becomes available for a new image. Images that you Load will occupy the lowest available slot. Before you can Build a new image there MUST be a BIN file with a .001 extension. If you do not fill the Loaded BIN Files window the vacant positions will be filled with the image in position 001 the next time you Build Image , as not to allow an empty slot in memory. You may also fill the memory manually by re-selecting the same file to fill slots.

Files in the
Loaded BIN Files window may also have been produced from the latest Extract BINs operation, which clears this window to reflect the actual state of the Maxtronic's memory. An Extract BINs operation or any other operation which acts directly on a newly built or read image will always remove that image so that no other operations may take place until a new images is read or built.

Build a new image