Once MaxTune software installation has completed and the program is run the first time you will be prompted to configure for your BIN file type.

Now the program will open in the MaxBin tab with all buttons disabled accept the BIN type selections and the Configure BIN
Size/Type button.

This is a critical point in the installation. For reference you may contact our support page to select your vehicle type and retrieve the appropriate value for Supported BIN File Size/Type

Once you have obtained your vehicle information and selected the proper size/type click on the Configure BIN Size/Type button.

You are now ready to start using the MaxTune! The settings have been saved successfully as indicated by the configure area being disabled and the regular controls becoming enabled as shown here.

If you should ever need to re-configure for a different BIN file image type, you must close the program and delete the file entitled conf.dat which is located in the root install directory of the program that you selected in the installation dialog. Typically this is C:\Program Files\MAXhpkit.

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