Extracting BIN file images

This operation extracts the BIN files, or individual chip images that are read from the Maxtronic and displays them in the Available/Loaded BIN Files window illustrating their respective location in memory, corresponding to switch position. MaxTune will only allow you to extract from a freshly Read Image .

This operation progress is indicated on the program status bar which becomes active during lengthy operations. This operation will over write any images in the Available/Loaded BIN Files directory.

In this example the eighth switch position (007) is the valet mode. Position 000 is always the no-start mode and cannot be changed. Once the BIN Files have been extracted, you may manipulate their position with the Unload BIN operation to free up a particular slot/switch position.

And then replacing it with the Load BIN operation. Once completed you may use the Build Image button. The names can be changed to anything you want within 28 characters, and in addition by adding detailed BIN Descriptions for each file up to another 255 characters in length.

Available/Loaded BIN Files