As of this writing and version of MaxBin, MaxTune is not yet available. However, we have still given you the opportunity to use the software of your choice to manipulate the position 0 image in real-time with the GoLive! feature which is not visible in the un-registered version of MaxBin . GoLive! will only proceed if there is a freshly Read file under the program's root installation directory.

When you click on the GoLive! button in MaxBin you will be prompted to perform an new Read operation, then you are prompted for a password, this password is the same as your registration MaxByte access password. If you forget this password it is stored in plain text in the reg.txt file in the MaxBin root installation directory.

Then you will be notified that monitoring of the image file is beginning.

And finally the actual MAXUTIL monitor window opens, disabling the MaxBin program until the monitor is closed.

When you have finished tuning, you may close the monitor by clicking on the Stop Monitor button. When the monitor is active any changes made to the latest MAXIMAGE take place live inside the Maxtronic memory. This is the foundation of MaxTune.

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