Importing new BIN files

This operation allows you to import new BIN files, or chip images to your into the Available BIN Files window and the . You must purchase a new BIN file, or you may have extracted your own from one of your own chips. However you acquire the image, it must be imported into the MaxTune program.

When you click the Import BIN button an Open File dialog appears.

The dialog opens to your directory where your Available BIN Files are kept. You may use this dialog to browse to another location where you have saved a BIN file for importing. You may also take advantage of the basic dialog window to delete or rename your BIN files should you need to do so. For instance, if you have changed the Maxtronic via Tuning and want your \bins to reflect the new revision of a chip image you may rename it, then perform an Extract and then a Unload BIN operation

Loading BIN file