The registration form is available HERE. First your browser will open to the which will look like this:

Please fill out all fields. The fields marked with an '*' are required to properly register your product. The Username and Password you choose at this time will be used for your access to MaxByte, the remote file access repository that you will have access to as soon as the registration process is complete. The Unit ID is labeled on the back of your Maxtronic unit. Insert the number just as it appears on the label (ie ID-11013345), including the 'ID-' part. If this number is not valid the registration process will not complete.

You will now receive an email to keep, along with a link to the file access area at . This email will also have an attachment called reg.txt with instructions to place it in your program installation directory, typically
C:\Program Files\MAXhpkit . This file contains some information about you, your file access Username and Password, Unit ID, and unique product registration key. This is visible using the About feature by clicking on the Maxtronic MaxTune graphic on the left side of the program. When you open the program the next time you will have full functionality.

When you register you will be given access to the MaxByte online file storage facility. Here you can download purchased files, or retrieve your stored reg.txt registration file if yours should ever become corrupt. You may also copy/paste BIN Descriptions between the site and your local MaxTune program. With your files stored and saved online you never have to worry about losing your originals. You are encouraged to make use of this free service.

You are also entitled to free MaxTune updates by selecting the Update Now! button in the About box shown above. Your current version is listed, and the newest version will be shown. If the newest version listed on the page is a higher version than what yours displays you may download the latest maxsetup.exe by clicking the Update link or the version graphic on the page.

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