Maxtronic Installation

The ECU computer mounting frame can be removed from the car for easy installation. This example uses a 944 Turbo ECU which also has a KLR computer. Your application may not use a KLR computer. With the ECU frame removed from the car, remove the four screws connecting the DME computer to the frame shown here.

Next you will bend back the tabs on the bottom of the unit which hold the top cover on. Remove the top cover exposing the computer circuit boards. Looking at the end opposite the harness connector, you will see two black pillars between the two circuit boards. Gently use finger pressure to seperate the two boards at these pillars, they just snap together.

Once you have seperated the two pillars, lay the ECU flat and where the top circuit board attaches to the harness connector you will see two black tabs through holding the board to the harness connector. While gently pulling the board away from the harness connector use a small tool (pen/screwdriver/etc) to push the tabs down and slide the board out of the harness connector.

Now you may open the ECU fully. You see the socket at the bottom of this picture where the chip was inserted, this is where the Maxtronic chip adapter cable is inserted.

Insertion of the chip adapter cable is critical, if you have a 28 pin socket align the red stripe with the notch end of the chip socket, or pin 1 side. You will notice printing on the circuit board illustrating the notch end, seen in the picture above. In the case of a 24 pin socket the first two pins of each row (four total) hang over the top end of the chip socket as seen here. Use finger pressure to insure the adapter is fully inserted into the socket.

Now route the ribbon cable outside the ECU like this

Next reverse the above procedure to re-assemble the circuit boards. Fold the top board over, insert the cable harness side into the grooves in the cable harness connector, then push the two pillars at the other end together until they snap so the outside view looks like this

You will need to make a path for the cable to come outside the ECU box. To do this take a hack saw and cut two slits in the cover box. Slide the box part way on, make a mark at least 1/4" beyond each side of the ribbon cable and cut two 1/2" slits with the hack saw. Then take pliers and bend the flap between the notches back so that the cable cannot touch any rough metal edge. Now re-install the top cover.

Your completed installation

Software Install