MaxBin Updater

Latest version of MaxBin is

You may access the version information by clicking on the graphic on the left side of the MaxBin program. If your version shows less than the one shown here you may update by clicking on the graphic above, or Click Here.

The update will download the maxsetup.exe to your computer, or you may run it directly by clicking the 'Open' button from your browser. It is recommended that you un-install your existing version prior to running maxsetup.exe

You MUST close MaxBin prior to running maxsetup.exe. Neither the un-install or new installation will effect your existing registration and configuration information. Any BIN files you have will remain intact as well.

MaxBin will also ship on CD to all Maxtronic customers.

For those who would like to use MaxBin who already own an Ostrich or other supported emulator, MaxBin may be purchased separately for a fee of $30.00 USD on our Products page.